death valley high

My question is HOW did it all begin? Tell the story of how you all first met and decided to form a band - Try to keep it appropriate, but otherwise, be yourselves.

death valley high responded on 12/13/2010

Death Valley High was formed by Reyka Osburn from the Sacramento electronic rock band, Tinfed. The final Tinfed songs were far more technical and guitar based. The direction was different enough to disband Tinfed and form a new band.

Recruiting members from the metal band Will Haven, Reyka completed the first record "The Similarities of the Loveless and the Undead". Upon completion, the outfit and its various lineups began to perform shows in and around Northern California in 2006.

The current lineup Adam Banister, Chris Sanders & Huffy Hafera (from the second release "Doom, In Full Bloom") is the strongest to date. Together, Death Valley High has never been more musically or cohesively like-minded!

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